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Monday, July 13, 2009

When To Know: Its Too Late to Save....

This is about relationships!
Now, this is my opinion so you can choose to agree with it, ignore it, or comment! Relationships, to me, should be a 50/50 argeement. I don't agree with the man in the relationship to "do all the work" i rather do some too. Women, in my mind, shouldn't "do all the work either" but with that being said; it should be 50/50. Okay, how to know the relationship is over? Well to me the relationship is over when the other one stops trying to work things out. You can cheat on your spouse but that doesn't really mean that the relationship is over. You can work your problems out for years and never get that one issuse resolved and when that one person realizes that they can't stand it anyone thats when its over. I believe if you want something bad enough, you're going to fight as hard as you can to make it work out with that person. This isnt about men vs. women, its about who wants it to last. Now, if both parties are fighting to keep that relationship going, then that's beautiful, im happy for you. But bottom line is whenever that one person stops believing, stops trying to work things out than, its time to move on.

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