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Sunday, November 8, 2009

On Chris Brown and Rihanna

I sat and watched both of their interviews today and I have to say; excuse my language but, that I think both of them are full of shit. I can't believe both of them are trying to cause pity on themselves. Rihanna through out the entire interview was contradicting herself. At one point she was saying that she hated Chris and then she said she didn't hate him. Then she said that Chris never slammed her against the wall then the next second she said he did. I don't think she even remembers their relationship. Hopefully Chris didn't beat the sense right out of her. But as she talked and tried to explain what had happened that scary night, I got the sense that she was leaving out the most important parts. That means normally someone is trying to make themselves look like that victim out of the whole situation. Even down to her "tears" weren't as believable to me. Okay, I feel bad that she was beaten and I don't care what she did to make him hit her, that much damage wasn't called for. Even if Rihanna was hitting him the most he should have did was to try to restrain her to calm her down. But we are all human and I believe Chris reached his breaking point. No I'm not defending Chris in anyway, I just don't think that Rihanna was completely innocent either. Then I sat and watched Chris' interview on MTV. It seemed like he was trying to base his actions off of being young and "dumb." Now, I'm 20 as well and you learn at a very young age that all actions has consequences and somewhere in his life he didn't pick that up? We all know this wasn't the first time Chris has hit her and I'm sure that she had done things to him as well. That's why I think she was so comfortable going back to him 3weeks after that horrendous night. She was thinking that this was just another fight that they had and everything was going to go back to normal. I bet if this fight wasn't in the public eye, they would still be together. But, it was only a matter of time when it was going to be out. We might never know what went on that night, and quite frankly, I don't want to know but I know this, they are both at fault, Chris hasn't snapped back into reality yet and Rihanna is still in denial. Chris just wants his fans back and his endorsements back but that's one thing that wont change. Only time can heal a broken heart but as far as I see it, and I said this back in February, Chris Brown's career is over.
Chris is learning the fundamentals of how to control his anger but I think he's still the same person that he was back in February. The "Oops" chain says it all. He hasn't began to feel the consequences of his actions.
My advice to Chris: Stop trying to prove to others that you have changed and actually look deep inside of yourself and actually grow up. Not for Rihanna, not for your fans, but for yourself. It wont take a year it wont take just a couple of months. Its going to take a long time till its right, like you said before, your young. Cancel that tour that your trying to do, and go home and really think about whats going on and how you can become a better man.

My advice to Rihanna: It's okay to show your feelings. Your human, not some kind of robot. If your hurting emotionally find some way to free those feelings from your mind and heart. Its not healthy to keep that bottled up. You are strong and I do commend you for being so strong. But you must take this in as well and learn from this experience too. Know that its not okay for a man to hit you at anytime, not even for play. Find your own fault in this and reevaluate yourself and move on. Your a walking billboard for strong women that have over come this. Don't just place all the blame on him. Own up and be a woman as well. (Meaning she was woman enough to allow him to continue to hit her, that was her fault she should have ran)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Question: @iRepDaMC
@AskSilver Ms. Silver: Why are girls so confusing? Do any girl actually know what they want?

Answer: Anything is confusing if you don't understand it. Most girls think that men are confusing as well, that's just how the world is. But I will have to say that girls can be more complex than most men. The issue isn't all girls, it's trying to understand that one girl that you are dealing with. Every girl is different, just like every man is different. You just have to get to know that one person at a time. Keep an open mind and communication is key and in mean time you'll start to understand. I think each girl knows what they want, but most of them can't explain it as well as they would like to. I had to realize in my life what i was looking for and i had to change the way my attitude portrays to other people. I didn't want others getting the wrong impression of me, getting mixed signals. So i changed, but in a good way. Most girls aren't aware that they might come off to others one way, and they might be completely different once you get to know them. Basically, they are advertising themselves wrong. That's why you might get so confused. Always remember that repetition is the key to understanding and keep an open mind and you wont have a hard time understanding women.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Question: @Ms_Perfectt
@Silverahnia here's a good question for ur blog. what do u feel about long distance relationships?

Answer: I honestly think that long distant relationships don't work. But there are loop holes. Long distant relationships are clearly harder than other relationships but its not impossible. But since you asked me about how i feel i will answer in my own opinion. The reasons why i feel they don't work is because the amount of time the couple are apart has effect on their relationship tremendously. In turn causes trust issues and untouched emotions. Most women long for affection and quality time and when that cannot be giving to them by the one person they desire to be with, they find it in someone else. Same with men, most men need more of the physical aspects of the relationship and at times they need to feel needed from their girlfriends. Basically, if that spouse cannot get what they are looking for in that person they will look for in the closest person to them. Now, in some cases i could be wrong but this is very common amongst long distant relationships. In order for it to work the couple must have great communication skills, trust, patience and emotional strength. It could work only if the couple is aware that it's going to be hard and that they are emotionally strong enough to work through each problem. Finding that certain partner is hard enough, so I don't think they work for me, but i always try to make it work before i decide to give up.


Question: @Jeff_isChill
@Silverahnia Why are the yankees so good? Answer me that

Answer: Like I told everyone, I will answer all the questions that are submitted. Even though i don't watch the Yankees i will try to answer this. I figure the Yankees are so good because they practice, they have dedication and more passion than maybe other teams. When you work as a team there's almost nothing that a team can't do. Great communication as well. No, I'm not a baseball fan but thats my answer! lol

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Question: @iRepDaMC
@Silverahnia Ms. Silver,Is it possible for a girl ever to have multiple sex partners & not be considered a hoe?

Answer: Yes! Okay now before you get blown away by my quick answer let me explain. In my knowing of a "hoe", no one respects her because she doesn't respect herself. She throws her body around for others to enjoy, or in other cases she might like to be thrown around as well. Whatever the case a hoe isn't respected. If a woman is careful about her vagina and takes care of herself, and chooses not to have her business going around the city than she's respected and you will almost never hear her being called any of those names. A woman has to have standards for her vagina. If she chooses to have sex with any guy, any where and in any way than a man will feel that he doesn't have to give her any respect. Causing them to mistreat her and call her all sorts of names and in turn "passes" her to his friends. Causing the woman to be objectified. Many women have had sex with multiple partners but all aren't considered as hoes. Wonder why? It's all about the respect involved in each act.


Question: @uknowmystatus
@Silverahnia Dear Silver. Is a velvet sport coat and jeans still fashionable attire for a guy?

Answer: I would have to say yes! I encourage people to follow their own trends because trying to keep up with the fast and famous can get quite chaotic! I wouldn't so much advise velvet as the fabric. It looks nice but its a pain to take care of. Beware of cross fabrics though. It shouldn't be as felt as you think it should be. Picture yourself at a party or just hanging around somewhere with friends and noticing that your jacket is brushed the wrong way. Isn't a good look. Remember what looks good on some isn't always what looks good on you. Keep in mind your measurments, skin tones and also your personality. For example, if you have a "in your face" type of personality red might not be the color for you!


Question: @QDeezy1906
@Silverahnia werd? hmmm... why are clouds white?

Answer: I'm sorry but this question i have to laugh out loud! It's a bit silly but as promised i said i was going to answer all questions, stupid, silly deep all of them! Clouds are white because making them blue would've been silly, and green was already taken. Any other color wouldn't have complimented the blue sky! So there you have it, white clouds! But they turn grey when filled with moisture when in a storm. Lol! How did i Do?

Pick-Up Lines

Question: @iRepDaMC
@Silverahnia ok Ms. Silver...Is there ever any situation where a pick-up line might work?

Answer: Of Course! Pick-Up lines are just ice breakers. The only reason I feel they don't work is because most people use them wrong. Meaning if you're interested in a woman at the bar or whatever you might be instead of approaching her with some respect and grace you walk up to her and say "Is that a mirror in your pants? 'cause i can see myself in them.." isn't going to work. You might just get that "GTFOH" look which is more hurtful than a simple no. The key to mastering a pick-up line you must have confidence, it must respect that woman or man that your trying to "pick-up" and the finally thing you must have charm. Everyone knows how hard it can be to approach someone you don't know, not knowing how they will react. But in my eyes if you display those three key things i think it could surely work in you favor!


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