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Monday, April 13, 2009

Single Filed

April 13, 2007 was the day i broke up with my last boyfriend. He wasnt a bad boyfriend he just wasnt necessarily "there" for me. We would see eachtoher all the time, becuase we used to work together but we didnt have time outside of working to actually talk to eachother. And that upsetted me some for a while but than i tried to just "suck it up". But obviously i couldnt take it long enough cause i broke up with him 2 months after we go together. In 2007 April 13th was friday the 13th. No, i didnt plan this, for some reason that just happens in my life. Werid uh?. But anyway, i walked into work knowing that he would be there and i ignored him the entire time. I talked to other workers but just not him. Okay yes i will admit that this was abit childish, but i felt that was the reason why i was breaking up with him so i ended our relationship with what was wrong. It sounded smart at the time. But he didnt take this very well. He was very upset. That night everyone noticed that i wasnt talking to him and i told them why, knowing they would go and tell him. I didnt care. Yes, im a cold hearted bitch when it comes to breaks up. Especially when the guy broke my heart. He was washing dishes and he was slamming things around and everything. My co-workers were laughing because he was so mad telling me, "wow girl what did you do to that boy?"..i never said anything. Because i never did anything to hurt him but do what he was doing to me all this time. He was my last boyfriend. After breaking up with him i had realized that its time to grow up and to be on a higher level of a mind set. So, here i am today sitting talking to you guys about being single. I never been single for this long ever in my life. Even in my younger years when i was going through that awkward phase, i kept a boyfriend. But now it sucks some days but when i look at other people and when they are stressing over eachother, i feel good to be single. The love is what i really miss. I've changed a lot of things about myself since i graduated and im happy for the person i am today. Im single and loving it for right now but i am keeping my eye open for a good guy that can hang around for the ride. Right now, in my life i am very busy. I have about another 10 years of schooling to do and i have to start my fashion designing which i know can take a while before i become real big. But i need a strong man, but till then i'll be Single Filed!

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