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Friday, April 17, 2009

What You Can't Have

History of relationships show that for some reason people want what they cant have. What is is about a person that shows no interest in you? The little bit of attaction they show you, you hold on it tight for dear life in hopes that the image in your head of yall being together will come true, one day. But in this one situation I'm not on that end. The situation is actually more twisted. This guy wants me so bad but I'm not sure how bad i want him. He offers his all to me, tells me he'll give me the world but i still dont have a desire to be with him anytime soon. I'm not sure if thats bad on my part or not. But all i know is, its very frustrating! I mean seriously he's a good guy and all, very nice but he lost that "thrill" that essence of me wanting something i cant get is so far gone. When a good man or women wants you, and is willing to give his/her all to you, and when your not ready to give your all to him/her. You dont want him/her. But you waste your time chasing the person that you know you cant get. The person that gives you that little bit of hope and security that you miss out on a good thing. So what to do???


  1. a fellow Drake fan I'm just stopping by to listen to the music and read a bit I figured i'll share as well


  2. I really understand, I have been the guy on the other side. I say give the chance and slowly build something and see if it will work for you. If not, oh well, you tried and you didn't let a good thing go. But be sure to say that this is your plan outright beforehand. If not, yall may have gotten to know each other too much and a relationship will not be able to develop too well. Thats an oh well moment that may happen before yall can really start. But thats just my logical (and I guess paritally biased opinion).

  3. i know im so late, but thank u for your comment i agree! :D



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