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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Question: @iRepDaMC
@Silverahnia Ms. Silver,Is it possible for a girl ever to have multiple sex partners & not be considered a hoe?

Answer: Yes! Okay now before you get blown away by my quick answer let me explain. In my knowing of a "hoe", no one respects her because she doesn't respect herself. She throws her body around for others to enjoy, or in other cases she might like to be thrown around as well. Whatever the case a hoe isn't respected. If a woman is careful about her vagina and takes care of herself, and chooses not to have her business going around the city than she's respected and you will almost never hear her being called any of those names. A woman has to have standards for her vagina. If she chooses to have sex with any guy, any where and in any way than a man will feel that he doesn't have to give her any respect. Causing them to mistreat her and call her all sorts of names and in turn "passes" her to his friends. Causing the woman to be objectified. Many women have had sex with multiple partners but all aren't considered as hoes. Wonder why? It's all about the respect involved in each act.

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