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Monday, November 2, 2009


Question: @Ms_Perfectt
@Silverahnia here's a good question for ur blog. what do u feel about long distance relationships?

Answer: I honestly think that long distant relationships don't work. But there are loop holes. Long distant relationships are clearly harder than other relationships but its not impossible. But since you asked me about how i feel i will answer in my own opinion. The reasons why i feel they don't work is because the amount of time the couple are apart has effect on their relationship tremendously. In turn causes trust issues and untouched emotions. Most women long for affection and quality time and when that cannot be giving to them by the one person they desire to be with, they find it in someone else. Same with men, most men need more of the physical aspects of the relationship and at times they need to feel needed from their girlfriends. Basically, if that spouse cannot get what they are looking for in that person they will look for in the closest person to them. Now, in some cases i could be wrong but this is very common amongst long distant relationships. In order for it to work the couple must have great communication skills, trust, patience and emotional strength. It could work only if the couple is aware that it's going to be hard and that they are emotionally strong enough to work through each problem. Finding that certain partner is hard enough, so I don't think they work for me, but i always try to make it work before i decide to give up.

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