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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pick-Up Lines

Question: @iRepDaMC
@Silverahnia ok Ms. Silver...Is there ever any situation where a pick-up line might work?

Answer: Of Course! Pick-Up lines are just ice breakers. The only reason I feel they don't work is because most people use them wrong. Meaning if you're interested in a woman at the bar or whatever you might be instead of approaching her with some respect and grace you walk up to her and say "Is that a mirror in your pants? 'cause i can see myself in them.." isn't going to work. You might just get that "GTFOH" look which is more hurtful than a simple no. The key to mastering a pick-up line you must have confidence, it must respect that woman or man that your trying to "pick-up" and the finally thing you must have charm. Everyone knows how hard it can be to approach someone you don't know, not knowing how they will react. But in my eyes if you display those three key things i think it could surely work in you favor!

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