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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Question: @iRepDaMC
@AskSilver Ms. Silver: Why are girls so confusing? Do any girl actually know what they want?

Answer: Anything is confusing if you don't understand it. Most girls think that men are confusing as well, that's just how the world is. But I will have to say that girls can be more complex than most men. The issue isn't all girls, it's trying to understand that one girl that you are dealing with. Every girl is different, just like every man is different. You just have to get to know that one person at a time. Keep an open mind and communication is key and in mean time you'll start to understand. I think each girl knows what they want, but most of them can't explain it as well as they would like to. I had to realize in my life what i was looking for and i had to change the way my attitude portrays to other people. I didn't want others getting the wrong impression of me, getting mixed signals. So i changed, but in a good way. Most girls aren't aware that they might come off to others one way, and they might be completely different once you get to know them. Basically, they are advertising themselves wrong. That's why you might get so confused. Always remember that repetition is the key to understanding and keep an open mind and you wont have a hard time understanding women.

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